Costa Rica’s 4 eco zones

One of our main goals is to always get the maximum out of a Costa Rica birding trip. As a base for planning birding tours in Costa Rica, it is helpfull to distinguish 4 main biological zones of the country or 4 “eco-zones”. Costa Rica birding and natural history tours should cover at least 3 of the 4 ecozones and preferably include all 4. This will make your trip more varied and maximize the potential  number of birdspecies.  The 4 major ecological zones are:

Every ecozone has a typical climate and very chracteristic and sometimes unique fauna and flora. The existence of 4 completely different ecozones in such a small country as Costa Rica makes birding tours in Costa Rica highly productive and spectacular ! Click on any of the ecozones to lear more about them…

Costa Rica's 4 Eco-zones
Costa Rica’s 4 Eco-zones