Aratinga Tours Supports AOCR

Aratinga Tours is an official sponsor of the AOCR (Asociación Ornitológica de Costa Rica): a Costarican non-profit organization founded in 1993 in honor of the first ornithological congress in Costa Rica. AOCR associates are people living in Costa Rica with different backgrounds who all share one passion: the observation of the birds of Costa Rica in their natural surroundings.

The AOCR’s main goal is to contribute to the study and conservation of birds and their habitats in Costa Rica: AOCR is invloved in the asignation of IBA’s (Important Bird Areas) in Costa Rica and gives schollarships to Costarican biology students with research projects in the field of ornithology.Besides that AOCR compiles and actualizes the official Costarican birdlist. The logo of AOCR is the Wrenthrush (formerly known as Zeledonia): Zeledonia coronata: a near-endemic bird that lives in the understory of the cloudforests of the Talamanca mountain range, from Costa Rica untill Western-Panama.

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